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One of the most Sri Lankan popular silver screen married couple Roshan Pilapitya and Chathurika Peiris have split, according to Gossiplanka website.

Roshan Pilapitiya a versatile Sinhala actor married actress Chaturika few years ago.

Menaka Rajapaksa to separate from his wife Virangani last year.

Menaka and Virangi has a daughter from their marriage but after Menaka started relationship with Nehara he filed the devorce.

Glamorous look Chathurika Peiris in orange colorful tops and long hairstyles.

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"The person who is part of our life is none other than actor Gayan Wickrematilake.

The Wedding held at Kingsbury Hotel yesterday and it was limited to selected guests.

According to Gayan’s wife, her husband is having an ‘affair’ with the actress.

“One day, he came home and said that he is moving out of the house to live with the actress and he never turned up ever since,” she had revealed. My wife got down Chaturika to my house and we both explained there was nothing between us. I will inform Gossiplanka if I am getting married to Chaturika.

The tele drama got them closer to each other the source revealed.

According to Gossiplanka, Gayan is a father of young children aged 3 and 14 months. Gayan was lately involved in casting in ‘Sepalika’ as the main character opposite Chaturika.

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