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Smoking cigarettes or cannabis can be addictive and is really bad for your health. But there's lots of help out there if you want to quit smoking or help someone else stop.

There can be lots of pressure from friends and people around you to smoke. But smoking is highly addictive and can cause serious health problems, including cancer. Nicotine (which is found in cigarettes) has been linked to anxiety, so it isn't a harmless drug, and being addicted is often stressful and expensive.

If you are thinking of using Zyban, reading this page is important.

Quitting smoking can evoke a lot of feelings: fear, resentment, relief, and so on.

I come from a wealthy background, and at one point it occurred to me that wealthy folks may have a harder time quitting smoking, alcohol, or dieting. Because they're used to getting whatever they want, whenever they want it. Helena they offer a 5 day or 10 day inpatient program. These are based on the classic 12-steps, borrowed from AA.

Those who are not wealthy have much stronger "self-denial muscles." Presently, two excellent inpatient programs are offered, at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (they have a second location as well), and St. The meetings are free and run entirely by volunteers.

A 50% increase in the quit rate would mean that 7.5% of those using NRT were successful after 12 months. It's for the adventurous; as of November, 2005, we know of no university studies published in mainstream medical journals which provide reliable data on their success rate 12 months after treatment.

But with the patch and nicotine gum at an 85% failure rate after 12 months, it might be something to try.

When you call, a friendly staff person will offer a choice of free services, including mailed self-help literature, a referral list of other programs in your community, and one-one-counseling over the phone.smokers can create free, personalized quit plans while tracking the "triggers" that lead them to light up (i.e., stress, alcohol, parties, or a "jerk-face" boss).

But even if you're not from California, this website -- -- is still a lot of fun.

At this huge and well known site from Boston University, anytime you visit you will find ten to thirty people who are chatting live.

Add the Become An Ex program to your arsenal in your battle against tobacco. Counseling, and as well as utilizing the classic, boilerplate points for quitting, are critical to succeeding.

Our Quitting Tips page includes a useful guide to these critically important boilerplate points.

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