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Pinkie Pie: Dunno, never gotten any like it before, but whatever that shudder's about, it's a doozy. Pinkie Pie said whatever she was shuddering about was a [cough] doozy, and [cough] and the only [cough] doozy here is how right I am.

Twilight Sparkle: Sorry, I know it's not nice to gloat but... I told you there was nothing to worry about, and I was right.

Commonly thought of as a series of letters that make up a 'word' there is a distinction between acronyms and shorthand.

The actual definition of an acronym and text shorthand is here.

The difference between acronyms and shorthand is that with acronyms, (for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp. The online practice is to refer to shorthand, initialisms, or abbreviations as acronyms.

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The trail is exploratory and you can add some excitement if you so wish, ** get onto & walk on a large pipe OR ** slide down another OR ** test of strength….

challenge your Hand Power, heave oneself up a 4-feet wall (if the wall is still there).

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