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For now relations seem to be strained, and one wonders how the question might be resolved since no one seems to be talking to Jeff.

Max Clifford says: ‘I have never spoken to him and I haven’t got a clue about whether he might come to the wedding or what his plans are. As far as his role in the future goes with the children, it is not something we have discussed.

Jackiey, though, a volatile character who milked her association with Jade to land £125,000 worth of free cosmetic surgery on a TV programme, seems to be the only person who wants to take on Jade’s boys.

Jeff Brazier, 29, their father, a television presenter and fellow veteran of reality TV, seems to have been quite absent from their lives lately, although officially he does have joint custody.

‘She is dying, and she knows she is dying,’ said Clifford.

‘She is not thinking about it at the moment because she has been fixing very hard on the wedding.

magazine that she won’t be spending hours posing with her guests and family, even though they are paying her £700,000 for pictures of the event.

She will regard simply becoming Mrs Tweed as a victory, and, since she was given the terrible news ten days ago that her cancer is terminal, this has been the only thing she wants.

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She certainly understands it very well, but is trying to put it to one side as much as she can so that she can enjoy the time with her boys.’ She was reunited with Bobby and Freddie last Friday and they had to be lifted into her arms on the hospital bed — she only barely had the strength to hold them.No one knows if she will be able to walk up the aisle herself, or will have to be carried.A wheelchair is her least favoured option, but is still a possibility.She will arrive in a helicopter, for reasons of speed, and could spend no more than 15 minutes at Down Hall.She is feeling very weak, following her chemotherapy and as her cancer spreads and she's told the staff from OK!

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