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According to new reports, the New York Jets quarterback, 25, has made his latest pass – not to a wide receiver but at actress Camilla Belle.reports that the pair were spotted getting cozy Tuesday while doing a little bowling at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Fla.But as Jets center Nick Mangold took the lead in bringing the two virgin athletes together, Jones tweeted that Tebow had a secret girlfriend.Tim Tebow’s squeeze Camilla Belle might just be his perfect match since the Brazilian actress, like Tebow, is supposedly saving herself for marriage.In the same week the New York Jets backup was leapfrogged for a starting role by Greg Mc Elroy, US Weekly has learned that Tebow has also broken up with his girlfriend of two months, actress Camilla Belle."It just didn't work out," a source told US Weekly.GARAFOLO: Tebow's time with the Jets nears end It's assumed the source was talking about the relationship, but it could have just as easily been referring to Tebow's stints in Denver and New York.

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Just a few months later, Tebow's Jets teammates tried to set him up with Olympic hurdler-turned-bobsledder Lolo Jones.

Per the site's report, Tebow's new girlfriend is actress Camilla Belle and the two were "overly affectionate" on Tuesday night at Latitude 30, a luxury entertainment venue in Jacksonville, Fla.

If true, Belle must have met all of the qualities the Jets' backup quarterback described to senior features editor Taylor Antrim about his ideal girlfriend. Being attracted to someone plays a big part, but there’s also so much more than that for me," Tebow said in the interview back in September.

PEOPLE has confirmed they were bowling, but according to an observer, they were joined by Tebow’s brother, Robby, and some friends. She was with him, his brother, and some friends.” ad Cm Ad(600, 30, “articlecontext”, “text”).write(); But another source tells PEOPLE: “They are seeing each other and were romantic in Jacksonville.

They were holding hands and very attentive to each other at Latitude 30.” Belle, 26, is best known for her roles in , and for having once dated Joe Jonas.

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