If the LCA is too tight the motor needs to turn higher rpms before it comes on-the-cam and the idle is rougher.

For a race engine then it is best to err on the tight side rather than the wide side.

For a truly impressive performance engine, its all about having lots of torque throughout the rpm range used.


Some cam companies deliberately grind their off-the-shelf cams on wider-than-optimal LCAs. This principle holds that "if some is good, more must be better and too much is just right." Although that may be true if we are talking bank balances it is most certainly not the case with cams.

If you are installing such cams in commonly modified engines then you might want to consider upgrading your source of cam advice.

Cam Timing If we are dealing with most domestic V8s then we have three options when it comes to what can be a time-consuming job, namely installing and timing the cam.

If a cam has to be ground on a wider LCA to preserve idle quality it is because the duration selected was too much to begin with.

Fixing one cam selection mistake with another is not the way to go!

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