Buck knife 119 dating

Buck Knives pioneered the concept of end-use categories to match the needs of the user. This knife was spectacular with the choice cocobola wood selection. I had ordered the knife with engraving however the knife came in with no engraving.With in-house engineers and collaborations with professional knife users and makers, we tailor the design, materials and construction to match the intended use of each knife. It was exactly what I wanted with no hassel or 20 questions. The sheath is a much better design than past ones in the way it fastens around the handle. To send it back would have missed the event of giving it as a gift.Im sure that White Hunter was from right around 1971 or so. My brother gave me this knife and Ive had it in safe storage ever since. Have a Pathfinder, but its camera shy (now where did I leave that guy?Well ,thats the story on this one The Stream is someplace in the Addirondack Mountain in New York state Cool. Not a lot of their later stuf though mainly because I don't like most of them. At one Shot Show I talked to a salesman and complained about some inconsistencies in quality. ) and I ended up purchasing that cool little Woodsman from oldblinddog above (Thanks again sir! Buck makes a pretty cool sheath knife, they take some time to get their edge, but once there, it stays sharp with a little bit of maintenance.The classic knife dates back to the early days of the company and remains one of the most iconic knives ever, having been featured in countless movies and television shows.

Good luck - it isn't what it is all made up to be. There are bonus incentives, company picnics, discounts, attendance rewards, paid holidays, and sometimes they'll comp a half day right before a long weekend.Most of the employees are very friendly and customers are grateful for your products.Was best job ever, every night was amazing, i did my job proficiently every night, i enjoyed the people i worked with and the managers, i would recommend this job to anyone who would like to be a 'modern day black smith' Work was always different and enjoyable every day. The hardest part was having to separate from them when they re=located to ID. It was my brothers and is a replacement for a Puma White Hunter my brother loaned to a friend to take on a hunting trip back around 1971. He went to get a Hunter as replacement but either couldnt find one or they stopped making them .The guy dropped in Puma into a stream while crossing it and the knife was lost. Anyway this Buck is the replacement and is virtually unused . Now that I think about it , the first Buck knife"s blade broke doing a simple task .

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