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I wasn't invited to the focus groups, but I could have saved Yormark a lot of time and money by telling him the secret about what Islanders fans really want: That's it. Slogans and videos and bells and whistles are just icing.

The real cake is in a team that's a consistent playoff presence and a Stanley Cup contender year after year and not once a decade (if that).

" Yormark points to his group's market research and investigation into what makes Islanders fans tick as the starting point for the campaign. Lost in the endless LOLWANGSNOWDIPIETROYASHINMAUSLOEUM insults thrown at the team on a daily basis is the almost familial connection former Islanders have with the people of Long Island.

Many players have settled there, even after retirement, and there isn't a single person in any of the island's four counties that hasn't had a casual run-in with a four time Stanley Cup champion or, for that matter, anyone else that's worn the uniform.

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In an interview with Newsday's Arthur Staple, Yormark teased his grand plans to woo established and prospective Islanders fans to Brooklyn with a new slogan - Tradition Has A New Home - and a focus on the team's longstanding ties to the Long Island community.It's on Jack Capuano, Garth Snow and (for now, at least) Charles Wang to do their part for the Brand, whatever that course of action might be.If they don't, Yormark's Brand-ese will fall on deaf ears.Ratner's group beat out an ownership group led by Charles Kushner and former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine.Ratner relocated the Nets to New York City, specifically to build an arena in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn even though there was desire to keep them in New Jersey and strong neighborhood protests to keep them out of Brooklyn.

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