Best practices for consolidating rsa realms

Older technologies may be at capacity, but with virtualization and greater utilization of newer tech, companies can meet their IT needs with less equipment or even no data center at all, when they choose a colo or cloud partner.

The main reasons to eliminate data centers and/or choose a service provider are: An example of cost savings comes from the federal consolidation mandate, which reported million in savings through the end of the 2013 fiscal year (two years into the project).

Question: I need to design a security best practices document for secure access to my production database.

What are the best practices for generating a security policy for Oracle production data? When designing production data security policies, one best practice is to remember the goals for data access.

Written by Shawn Mills on Wednesday, June 4th 2014 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Colocation , Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Hosting, Colocation, Data Center Design Whether you’ve been handed a mandate to consolidate your data centers, like many federal government data center managers, or you’re evaluating consolidation as an option for aging or expensive in-house data centers, the process can deliver cost savings and higher efficiency without losing the uptime and power provided by your existing infrastructure.

What most data center managers worry about—and rightly so—as they face a consolidation mandate is uptime and cost for cloud or colocation infrastructure.

However, the choice between in-house and MSP isn’t so clear cut.

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You’ll have to choose between the opportunity to further reduce costs and maintaining morale.

The employee reaction to consolidation news is also worrisome, as inevitably some jobs will be cut.

What they may not realize is that if the data center shutdown isn’t smooth and the replacement services aren’t carefully evaluated and set up, the transfer process might eliminate any consolidation ROI.

The Defense Department has also projected 5 million in savings through 2014.

When consolidating data centers, the immediate question is, “Where do these data and applications go?

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