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I followed the guidelines at WP: EL as closely as I could, and something needs to be done about the Links section--it's a disorganized mess.

We have three links from STGU with no indication of how they relate to one another, two from, and one from Memory Alpha.

And what happens after the character dies of old age?

The player would hate for all of his skills, ranks, and credentials to be lost.

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Powers , 12 June 2006 (UTC) I am wondering if they will choose the traditional path of a montly fee, which keeps me away from these types of games, or go where Guild Wars went without a montly fee. A friend and I are wondering, about that, and how the lliving conditions work. Speculatively, it seems likely that assignments will come through a variety of methods; you will likely be able to choose from among several assignments, but some assignments will also probably be given to you directly (either by NPCs or by other players).The setting on the Star Trek Online official website, it is roughly set 20 years after Star Trek: Nemesis, whereas here in Wikipedia states that it is set roughly 10 years after Nemesis. Star Trek Online is set 20 years after Nemesis, this was revealed at the Las Vegas Trek Convention where Perpetual held a Q&A session. --Shultz , 5 January 2006 (UTC) Is there a minimum age for a player to start out at? Does the player die at TODAY'S life expectancies (~age 70-105), or how many "years" longer do they live before passing on?Obviously future medical advances should be able to extend their life spans.--Shultz , 5 January 2006 (UTC) I read the FAQ a while back, and it seems like aging is going to be implemented in much the same way as it was in Fable; that is, as a primarily cosmetic or "ego-boosting" feature.As your character gains rank and skills, he physically appears to age to reflect his accumulated experience, but his attributes (strength, constitution, whatever) and such remain unaffected.

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