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You will not have the ability to call any number that would require the addition of any charges to your phone bill, such as 900 or 976 numbers or any other 'fee per call' type service." A separate prepaid minutes purchase is required for calls to conference lines, platforms, calling cards, certain non-ILEC area calls, area code 867 (Northern Canada) and most of Alaska.According to Magic Jack's EULA (End User License Agreement): 4.

In March 2009, Magic Jack took legal action for defamation against Boing Boing over its assessment of Magic Jack's terms of service, which included assertions that the Magic Jack End User License Agreement (EULA) allows the company to "snoop" on users by analyzing their calls for the purpose of targeting advertising and that the EULA requires users to waive the right to sue in court. filed a complaint in United States District Court For the Southern District of Florida, Civil Action No.: -cv-81022-CIV-MIDDLEBROOK/BRANNON, against MAGICJACK VOCALTECLTD, MAGIJACK HOLDINGS CORPORATION f/k/a YMAX HOLDINGS CORPORATION and DANIEL BORISLOW.

because of dozens of complaints received about the support for the device.

As a result, PC Magazine reduced its rating of magic Jack from Very Good to Good, saying the company's technical support was "severely lacking." In September 2011 magic Jack began offering local number portability, with an annual fee to keep the "ported-in" number.

This allows customers to keep their existing phone number when switching to magic Jack.

Magic Jack charges its customers to transfer their telephone number out of their Magic Jack telephone service into a different telephone service provider. 3.b Outgoing Calls: "Once you have registered your magic Jack device you have agreed to these Terms of Service.

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