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Unfortunatley, I can't drop the dynamic creation, as this app is used to maintain three different systems, and being defined by an XML configuration file, means that the page can be used to maintain multiple tables.After investigation, it looks like the Selected Index Changed is not called because on the postback with update, the Drop Down List doesn't exists, therefore the event doesn't exist.I will use Formview control to do inserts and use gridview to do updates and deletes. I start with creating North Wind dbml file and drag he Customer table onto OR designer as shown below.When you select a row in the grid, the detail record will be displayed in a details view control. By dragging the Customer entity onto the designer, I will have the ability to program against the entity in my aspx file.As a workaround, I can add a javascript onchange event to the Drop Down List which is called when the value changes.Is there a way I can pass this value back to the server and use it?Since I am using Formview control to only insert customer record, I am setting Default Mode property to Insert.

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It is important that you set the Data Key Names property to the primarykey column in the customer entity which is Customer ID.So, you could use it in the javascript onchange event. However, if I use the same parameters and debug running the report then all parameters return Nothing. You might want to look into the other types of parameters as well.Of course it depends on your usage/requirements but I like the Control Parameters as they hook up to a page control such as a dropdown and automatically grab its value - great for user input based queries.

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