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He launched and is a part of the "Straight But Not Narrow" campaign along with his co-star Matt Bennett, who portrays Robbie Shapiro (See Avatt). Avan started taking acting classes at age 13, and later got an agent.He got his first break in acting in 2006, as Danny Araujo in A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, directed by Oscar nominee Agnieszka Holland. He is an actor, most recognized for his role as Beck Oliver in Nick's hit show, Victorious.Avan Tudor Jogia (born February 9, 1992; Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian teen actor.Nowhere is the type of film that you either get and love, or don't get and hate.Aside from it's brilliantly artistic cinematography and art direction, it's a pretty accurate representation of life as a modern-day adolescent.

From then on, Victoria and Avan started hanging out and they are now best friends.Up until now, Avan and Victoria are very close to each other, and hangs out with the rest of the Victorious cast.Avan Tudor Jogia (born February 9, 1992) is a Canadian actor, singer, dancer, model and martial artist.As strange as this comment may seem, it does hold true.The events presented are, in fact, realities of the lives of today's young people: sex, drug use, suicide, and mental illness are all dealt with in some way or another. For those of us that have blocked out the traumatic parts of growing up, then it is understandable why you don't understand this movie.

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