Are eva longoria and mark sanchez dating

She’s since been linked to Spanish-born singer Eduardo Cruz, the brother of actress Penelope Cruz.The two reportedly called it quits earlier this summer. Luckily for Sanchez, he’s no longer in New York and doesn’t have to deal with the tabloids reporting about his dating life.In fact, we haven’t heard much about Sanchez with the ladies since his rear end was exposed in a random video that hit the net last year.They will remain close friends”, Sanchez’s rep also added.Reports confirm that, where Mark is fond of going out on a regular basis to have fun, Eva prefers to allocate her time to more career and philanthropic oriented activities.Skeptics have questioned if the relationship with a man 12 years her Junior will last but I say Eva has earned the right to don a younger boy toy, but I think the bigger question here is why is the age of Eva’s new man even being brought into question?

“It really was about scheduling more than anything else.Either way I’m betting Eva is going to have fun with her new hawt bixch…Looks like Eva Longoria will be spending a lot of time watching football this season.What is our obsession with age and double standards ?Where do we draw the line between acceptable and outrageous?

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    ” If one decides they want to follow what Harris is teaching, wouldn’t they want to know that means and what they shouldn’t do. There appears to be some confusion in Christian circles as to what dating is and what they are “kissing goodbye.” The different meanings that I see with dating along with subcategories are as follows: DIFFERENT TYPES OF “DATING” As I indicate above, it is quite possible for a couple to be involved in any of the above scenarios and do it in the purity that God commands us to.