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Also, the proxy can easily get blocked by a website administrator.

You may not have heard of this, but Google Translate actually works as a proxy.

If you are connected to a Wifi router you will be using the DNS server set by the owner of the router, not only could this be unsafe but you the content you are trying to access can also be restricted or filtered.

Public DNS servers are available and you can change your internet settings to always use one of these servers allowing you to bypass any restrictions or website content filters.

However, not all of them are equally safe and secure.

Not what I was looking for: a way to monitor my house while away.This method works similar to the Google Translate; it lets users access a website URL preserving as domain name In this way, users can cool firewall software, filtering, and parental controls.One such publicly available DNS is provided by Google.There are at least six ways how you can bypass internet restrictions and unlock sites anywhere in the world.

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