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And yes, r124, Andy will come hard at Vicki and Kelly and lob softballs at Tamra and Shannon.Does Shannon have publicists or interns or someone posting here, or are there actual viewers who champion her? The ones here bashing Shannon are most likely paid by Icky (most likely Tamra's ex-friend who was trying to "out" Eddie). Unfollowing this thread just like I unfollowed Bravo. R136 Have you not noticed the way beverages appear, disappear, are empty and then filled between cuts at restaurant scenes?Wait, Peggy -- if you're reading this -- I only mean thank you for willing to be there for Victoria as she struggles near death and only needs a friend and a hairbrush. She worked so hard to plan a getaway for the ladies, to bring them all together in drama-free isolation, and they ended up fighting.

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I hope Shannon does not become the next Betty Broderick but instead takes to heart that living well is the best revenge!She can barely put together a coherent sentence as it is.These reunions are already too long and having to wait for her to string together a decipherable train pf thought means this one will be nine parts long.r122, Fat Shannon's interactions with Archie were her passive/aggressive attempt to punish David for not taking the dog on walks when she was gone (as she knew he didn't spend a lot of time at home).Was the rat-faced Armenian doing rim-jobs while she was gone?Tending to those daughters that look like a cross between zoo animals and barely humans? She must have been popping pills all day long, and then woke up from her stupor. We lost our beautiful sweet lab in the spring at 14.

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