Afghanistan sex fuking

By tradition there are three penalties: being burned at the stake, pushed over the edge of a cliff or crushed by a toppled wall.During its reign in Kandahar, the Taliban implemented the latter.Moreover, there is a strong streak of dandyism among Pushtun males.

In other words, sex between men can be seen as the flip side of the segregation of women.

By Maura Reynolds, Times Staff Writer In his 29 years, Mohammed Daud has seen the faces of perhaps 200 women. The rest were glimpses stolen when he should not have been looking and the women were caught without their face-shrouding burkas.

"How can you fall in love with a girl if you cant see her face? Daud is unmarried and has sex only with men and boys.

"Every person has a devil inside him," says Ibrahim.

"If a person commits this sin, it is the work of the devil." The Koran mandates "hard punishment" for offenders, the mullah explains.

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