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You know your friends are real and not just people who want to be associated with someone beautiful. People don’t try to be your friend just because of your looks. This makes sense, according to Dr Brooks, because any children resulting from such a pairing would have more diverse MHCs.And the variety of MHC molecules has nothing to do with a man's or woman's appearance.

Via giphy Social media - especially the holy "Gram" - is a blessing for single guys. I used to get really down about my looks, but now I OWN IT. I’m thankful for the way that I look because it has made the awesome person I am today. Being unique instead of looking like everyone else. My aunt once used the word “plain” to describe me (Yeah, it hurt at the time, I won’t lie). In fact, I’d venture to say that average looks are than perfect-ten looks. Some of the most bad-ass women in history weren’t congenitally good-looking: Frida Khalo, Diana Vreeland, Georgia O’Keeffe…I could go on for hours. A single like is pretty much meaningless, but a repeating trend and pattern can be signalling some deeper desires for freedom. Via giphy Girls on the other hand use social media to casually stalk and compare themselves to other attractive girls of a similar social circle.Essentially using social media as a tool to keep a leg up on the competition.

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