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On these daily constitutionals some lions have killed impala, giraffe, even wildebeest in front of tourists.

But on this day their prey remained hidden in the buzzing bushveld, with the cry of ibises warning of our coming.

And it was at the lodge that we could see the other cubs, some of whom at less than three months old were too young for a trek through the savannah. The walks take place every day of the year, even if no guests show up.

Immediately her mouth opened showing off an array of impressively white teeth… Clearly big cats and little cats aren’t that different.

And it is only the cubs they give birth to here, who have had no human contact, that can go wild.

Lions can live for up to 20 years, making this a costly process.

I have given details of specific animal activities below, but feel free to contact the operators to request more information.

Make an informed decision before promoting or supporting any animal interaction.

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