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What if your adult child blames you for all their unhappiness?

Certainly I believe in apologizing for any mistakes you made, but enough is enough at some point.

You would end a friendship or love relationship with another adult who consistently treated you badly.

We can have blind spots with our adult children where we allow mistreatment and emotional abuse we wouldn't accept from anyone else.

This is reworking your part of the parent-child dance, doing your best to help your adult son or daughter stop blaming, and start addressing the issues in their own life.

This takes strength, but it's really the most loving and helpful thing you can do for your adult child: loving them, but stepping away from the drama, setting firm limits, and not feeding the problem.

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You have a right to peace, and not being anybody's emotional punching bag.Are they calling and telling you all their problems?Depending on you financially long after they should be independent?You may not be willing to stay with them if it is upsetting each time. You may have to give your adult child some space if they are misusing you. Meet up at a neutral location, such as a restaurant for a meal.Prepare a broken record response if they begin to verbally attack you, such as, "I understand that you are unhappy with how your life is going, but this isn't going to help." You may be willing to help your adult child in a time-limited fashion, if they are taking demonstrable steps to help themselves.

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