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Best Panda: Bradley Beal carried the Wizards offensively in the third quarter, scoring 13 of Washington’s 24 points.

Beal continues to lead all scorers with 26, but Isaiah Thomas is up to 24 for Boston.

Peyton Manning (7,339) is next.992 -- Brady's total completions in the playoffs, an all-time high, with Manning (649) next.856 -- Career postseason receiving yards for Rob Gronkowski, the most by a tight end in NFL history..766 -- Winning percentage from 2001-17 (including playoffs), which is the best 17-year stretch in the Super Bowl era.

In modern NFL history (since 1933), the only team that came close to the Patriots' 17-year run is the Bears, who had a .759 winning percentage from 1933-49.278 -- All-time wins for coach Bill Belichick, which places him third on the all-time list.263 -- Consecutive home games that have sold out, dating to the 1994 season opener.253 -- Games played by Brady, who previously broke offensive tackle Bruce Armstrong's team record of 212.40-185 -- That's 40 years and 185 days, which is how old Brady will be on Feb.

Best flex and de facto four-point play: The Wizards made 6 of their first 7 shots in the third quarter, including a John Wall layup in transition off a missed three-pointer by Jaylen Brown.

Wall was fouled on the play, and while he missed the free throw, he got his own rebound.

-- The NFL has never seen a run of success like the one the New England Patriots are on.

If you’re looking for reasons to hope, know that Washington overcame a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter of its last Game 7.On Linked In, Peter wrote of his experience: 'Career dedicated to developing and refining partnership tax planning and transactional skills' and 'Work closely with many of the preeminent partnership tax advisers in the United States on a daily basis.'On the college's website, she wrote: 'I serve all our undergraduate students and graduate students, with an emphasis on the business, biology, economics, and psychology departments, order materials for our degree programs, and coordinate bibliographic instruction.'He said that all living members of the Lanza family, including himself and Adam's older brother Ryan, have been fully cooperating with police and plan to help in any way that they can as the repercussions of the shooting are felt.'But now that I've been filled in by friends about how difficult her troubled son (the shooter) was making things for her, I understand that it wasn't that Nancy was overwrought about the trivialities of everyday life, but that she was handling a very difficult situation with uncommon grace.'In fact, he was at work in the Manhattan office of Ernst & Young when television news reports started connecting his name to the shooting in Connecticut, and that was when he started to understand that his brother may have been involved.Of course, that was way back in 1979 and it was at Capital Centre, not TD Garden, which is as loud as it’s been all night.Best answer: Out of a timeout, the Wizards went on a 7-0 run over the next 71 seconds to trim a 13-point deficit to six with to play.

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