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It separates the scammers from the real girls quickly. It is a despicable agency and I think they are capable of anything. I think 'Anonymous UK' has this agency confused with other legitimate agencies in Odessa."Amour of Ukraine" is based in Odessa and I know that there are other honest agencies with similar sounding names.6) they do not address your letter except for a few lines at the start 7) the body of what they say is too general 8) they purposefully do not get to the point in order to string out the number of letters Real Russian girls would never complain about money, ever.They should be more interested in you than "their poor little story" or receiving gifts.

1) mention of someone dying to develop sympathy 2) how poor they have been and how expensive anything is 3) what they are paying to send letters 4) anytime they ask for money 5) when "chocolates" are more important than the dead father, etc. After I migrated from Russia, I discovered the world of distorted facts and opinions about Slavic women seeking partners abroad, and this is why I started my first website called This was in 1999.Since then I started and have been operating one of the largest international dating sites introducing Eastern European women seeking foreign men, and talked to thousands of people who used our service or had questions about courting Slavic ladies, as well as read hundreds of stories from people who were successful in meeting someone through Elena’s Models.If you think you may consider moving to Russia, she would love that.She simply wants a good man and a family of her own.

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