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Wizard-Driven Design Our software is designed with users foremost in mind.Wizad-driven interface takes you step-by-step through the entire survey design process.This allows for very smooth control, dramatically lowering peak loads and significantly reducing the wear and tear on thrusters and is part of KONGSBERG's Green Ship Strategy.A seagoing vessel is subjected to forces from wind, waves and current as well as from forces generated by the propulsion system. its changes in position, heading and speed, is measured by the position-reference systems, the gyrocompass and the vertical reference sensors.Survey Anonymity To increase respondent candidness, especially when deploying employee and other HR surveys, we offer the abiilty to set surveys as anonymous.This ensures that no personally-identifiable information such as name, IP or email address is viewable by those administering surveys.With Driver Update™, you can keep your PC's hardware working like a pro!

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Green DP control secures the vessel, allowing it to stay within a specified area of operation.

The only information that is viewalbe are the responses.

Survey Bank Sometimes you won't have time to design a survey. Our software includes a lengthy set of frequently-deployed surveys covering a range of topics, designed and validated by our team of professional survey methodologists.

We have made your navigation swift by eliminating the number of mouse clicks needed to perform edit functions. Zarca enables you to customize your own messages to participants, including introductory messages, closing remarks and notes to help respondents answer certain questions.

Import Survey Data The Import feature enables you to upload survey data that was collected in previous years or that was collected using some other mode (e.g. This aggregation of survey data supports effective benchmarking studies and multi-modal surveys.

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