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The one where the latitude is the speed of light in kilometers/hour 4. I checked these other sites at the same longitude as the Pyramid to see if there were any mysterious features.

The one where the longitude is the speed of light in kilometers/hour In other words, the number of lottery tickets increases exponentially as we get more degrees of freedom. But they seem to be, respectively, a perfectly ordinary field in Uganda, a perfectly ordinary field in Tanzania, and a perfectly ordinary patch of ocean.

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On the other hand, matching six digits is still pretty good. So here the explanation has to go to how hard the pseudoscientists worked to find a coincidence of this magnitude; in other words, how many degrees of freedom they had.

Here’s an obvious example; as far as I can tell, the longitude of the Great Pyramid doesn’t encode anything interesting at all.

So it’s not the equivalent of winning a one-in-a-million lottery with a single ticket.

It’s the equivalent of winning a one-in-a-million lottery with two tickets. I’m a little split on this one, because it wouldn’t look anywhere near as impressive if the pseudoscience sites had to explain that they found a really cool coincidence but it only worked if you converted normal latitude into a different hypothetical latitude system that had 100 degrees.

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