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First, decide the maximum distance you’d be willing to travel to visit someone.Think about how you’d travel there; if there are good transport links, or you can drive, it might be worth expanding those distance settings a little. If you don’t think you’re getting enough matches within your distance settings, it might be that some of your other match settings are stopping local matches getting to you.But at the same time, we know certain considerations that aren’t part of the compatibility matching system are important to you.That’s why you can change your Match Settings too, anytime you like.Check out our guide to getting your distance settings just right You’ve probably heard us say it before – e Harmony is a relationship site, not a dating site.You’ve come here looking for something more serious than just a few casual dates on a Friday night.

Many were matched over a long distance, even if that wasn’t their initial preference.

Remember that we will not relax your match settings for anything marked as ‘Very important’.

So, if you’ve put your age range for matches as 35-45, and you’ve stated this is ‘Very important’ any local, highly compatible matches aged 46 won’t be sent to you.

Yes, it’s nice if you can both show willing, but if one of you has more commitments where they live the other partner may be willing to go the distance • Consider the geography of where you live.

For example, if you live near the coast, searching a specific radius means you’ll at least partly be searching open water.

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