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The city itself is modern, cosmopolitan, and fashionable; Busan is home to the world’s largest department store, traditional markets, and sophisticated restaurants.Jinhae is mostly visited for its annual spring cherry blossom festival, when the city’s cherry blossom trees are in full bloom for a short 10-day period before the petals start to fall.While there are many idyllic islands for visitors to choose from around the country, Deokjeokdo is a popular choice with those staying in Seoul, as it is a day trip from the city.

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Seoul is modern, booming and full of restaurants and bars; but also has a number of historic temples and other buildings, including the Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces for fans of traditional architecture.

Busan is South Korea’s second largest city, and it is located on the southeastern corner of the mainland.

Haeundae Beach is popular with Koreans from across the country as well as foreign visitors although it can get busy; other quieter beaches include Daedepo or Songdo.

South Korea is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination.

Rich with history, culture, and tasty cuisine, and packed with beautiful scenery, the only question is where to start?

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